fuel pressure accumulator: required?

urq urq at pacbell.net
Tue Feb 26 20:00:18 EST 2002

The pressure accumulator is used for hot starts as well as cold starts ... I
would recommend that you replace the thing.  I really doubt the
specification of the PA is that accumulator ... try to find the proper one
from a wrecking yard if at all possible ... but if you can find one that
fits in the same area and is roughly the same volume (and has proper
fittings I suppose) then go ahead and use it.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

... BTW, you can find out what the nominal system pressure is from Bentley

> I just diagnosed a fuel leak on my 1986 5000 CSTQ to the fitting on the
> accumulator in the supply line just in front of the right rear wheel. I
> ended up cutting the supply line to the accumulator just before it and
> adding a piece of quarter inch rubber hose directly to the metal fitting
> that connects to the line running forward to feed the fuel filter in the
> engine compartment.
> First, what is the potential  consequence of removing the accumulator from
> the circuit?

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