Suppression condenser?

Bruce Bell bbell at
Tue Feb 26 23:11:13 EST 2002


My wife of 32 years and I had a similar discussion tonight. Seems
we too were missing the appropriate "static" suppression

My advice, selective listening of the radio (be patient),  think
positive and if you have a spare suppressor... why not?


> The discrepancy is that the rebuilt alternator is
> missing [...snip...] a "suppression condenser"
> Is this something that I really need to be concerned
> about? Should I
> not worry about it since the alternator worked just
> fine on my old
> 200q, or should I pull the suppression condenser off the old
> alternator and install it on the new one?
> For reference, the piece of $hit in question is a 1989.5 200qa.

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