'83 UrQ Rally Car on E-Bay

robert_a_dupree at bankone.com robert_a_dupree at bankone.com
Wed Feb 27 09:59:03 EST 2002

I will lend a note to the support of the real nature of the car.  While it
is not historically significant on the world stage it has had some good
history here in the states under the SCCA rally series.

The technology involved in it is a hybrid of some new and older stuff but
all together it is a nice package.  I would be willing to bet there is some
involvement with Lehman on the motor; but I cannot confirm that.

It is not cheap and the $30k reserve price reflects it.  That's a little
over where I would estimate the value to the general market but maybe spot
on for a really well prep'd UrQ to the enthusiast.

Rob Dupree
     '84 UrQ  "fast-'n-grippy"
     '97 4Runner Ltd  "slow-'n-tippy"
     '77 Dodge Colt SCCA ProRally Grp. 2  "prolly-pretty-drippy"
     Co-Driver SCCA ProRally '95 Audi S2 Open Class  "brutal-'n-pretty"

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