wet carpet in the 4kq

Tom Nas tnas at euronet.nl
Wed Feb 27 07:48:28 EST 2002

At 14:16 26-2-02 -0800, joel nevin wrote:
>a couple things to check.
>1. Look under the car check to make sure that the
>floorpan is not rusted through.

It's galvanised and undamaged. I haven't been able to find any holes...

>2. Also check the A/C drainage, mine was plugged on my
>93 90q, and the water from the condensor couldn't
>drain out so was leaking right down into the drivers
>side footwell. What an awful mold smell!!

Mine is smell-less and in the rear footwell so A/C is out... I guess it's
rainwater entering somewhere, just haven't been able to find the spot.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Regards, Tom

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