announces Most Posted award for 2001

David Head v8q at
Wed Feb 27 17:41:47 EST 2002

And he was gone for about 3 months!!!

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> statistical analysis, large cash donations to politicians, shady
> deals with unsavory characters(whoops, already covered that) and
> email-post swapping, announced 2001's busiest busybody.
>    Leading the pack by several hundred emails was none other than Mr.
> Huw Powell, with a grand total of 1831 posts.  The prize for Mr.
> Powell, inspired by his recent loss of his prized email address
> "Audi at", is the use of "huw at" forwarded to
> his choice of email address.
>    "Audifans sincerely hopes that Mr. Powell enjoys his new email
> address, and continues his near frantic average 5.01 posts per day,
> but we encourage him to get out a little more and paint the town
> yellow", said "Bob", the official spokesperson.
>    Emails seeking comment from founder Dan Simoes bounced
> this morning(a staffer blamed anti-spam provisions and antivirus
> software), and his lawyer has announced he does not know where his
> client is("probably at his desk, but possibly at the coffee machine;
> beyond that, I cannot comment.")  Previous listadmins ran at the
> sight of our cameras and did not return phone calls; an employee who
> would not identify himself categorically denied accusations of
> improper archive shredding and the use of "shell accounts" to boost
> post statistics.
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> ----
> "They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
> safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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