Hakka 1's sidewall problems

Iain Mannix mannix at rmsolo.org
Wed Feb 27 21:54:14 EST 2002

I had a set of Hakka 10s which developed a cracked sidwall roughly
2" from the bead on my 4kq; it looked as though the tires had
been run flat(they had not), and the sidewall rubber cracked.

3 of the 4 did it, all on the inside of the tires.  They were near
the end of their useful life anyway, and none blew out, but
they did do some odd sidewall-related things.

I have studded H10s on my 5kcsq now, all is well - but I will
check the inside sidewalls more frequently - the day I noticed
the sidewall cracks on the 4k, I'd spent a fair bit of time
prerunning/setting up a Solo Trials course (big, fast
autocross - not quite Solo1, as the course was laid out
with cones, but still fast - in setting up features,
I'd been mid-to-high 4th gear in the 4k).  Yeah, got me
a little nervous and a LOT thankful they did not let go
in the middle of a corner.

Iain(ymmv, I still love them, but I thought mine were a fluke)

On Wed, 27 Feb 2002, Steve Sherman wrote:

> Just to set the right mood for this, we (I and my wife) have used
> studded Hakka 1's (and 10's if I recall correctly) for 3-4 years now;
> and love them.  The best snow/ice tires I have ever used.
> Two weeks ago the RF Hakka 1 blew out unexpectedly.  Totally flat within
> a few dozen feet (going about 40mph).  No obvious signs of damage except
> a clean radial split on the sidewall.  A few years ago we also had
> another 1 that had a sidewall leak, with no apparent physical damage.
> Not a big deal except when you throw in the following...
> A few weeks earlier when I was getting my set of Hakka 1's at the tire
> shop, I chatted with another Q owner who was in because one of his 1's
> had a sidewall bubble.  No signs of  "curb" damage or anything else.  He
> told me that this was the second time he had been in to replace a Hakka
> 1 this season because of sidewall bubble, that appeared to be due to
> manufacturing defects.
> I am just curious if the members of this forum have seen an unusually
> large number of sidewall failures on these tires???

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