Springs are here! Install advice?

Beatty, Robert BeattyR at ummhc.org
Thu Feb 28 14:59:53 EST 2002


The front springs are compressed in place and you have to pull the whole
strut out and use a spring compressor to keep them tight while you take
apart the top of the strut.  Its not that hard, just can be dangerous if you
dont give caution to those springs.

The rears are easy, just 3 nuts on the top and a bolt through the shock on
the bottom and out they pop.

86 5ktq (with Eibach springs)
89 200tqa

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Time to install new springs on my 5kTQw- any advice, or is it just the
basic strut removal and dissasembly precedure from Bently?

Can I shortcut taking the front struts off the car? Something like undoing
the top strut nut, jacking up the car, and lifting the spring neatly out?

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