Tranny Code?

Huw Powell audi at
Tue Jan 1 18:55:18 EST 2002

> Just lookin at the 4000Q transmission I have sittin in the garage.  Oddly
> enough it was taken from a 4000 10v turbo conversion car.  Unfortunatly I
> can't contact the previous owner to ask his what tranny is was.  I'm working
> on selling it but obviously don't want to sell it if it's the wrong tranny
> ie: 3.889 gearing.
> Where do I find the tranny code?  I can find a few numbers, some of them are
> part numbers for the case, some of the cast pieces, but none of the whole
> unit.

Well, unfortunately i think they are both "016" but I may be wrong.
This should be lightly embossed in the top of the flywheel housing area,
try cleaning it up a bit to find it.

You can always check the old fashioned way... count input turns versus
output turns.  This works best when you have one of each on hand to
compare, of course.  These are what I have in a spreadsheet for the
higher geared, 85-87 box (I think Audi tried to keep the lower gear
ratios secret?  it might just be a different FD ratio):

R 3.50
1 3.60
2 2.13
3 1.46
4 1.07
5 0.830

FD 4.11

all subject to further correction by those who know what they're talking
about, of course!

Huw Powell

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