Chilly Weather Trouble and oxys?

Smeins, Larry lsmeins at
Wed Jan 2 09:09:12 EST 2002

I suspect you are experiencing the same problem I queried about in my post
of 11/29/01 "4kcsq cold run problem".  At 40F you are just entering the low
temp region where the problem occurs, it gets worse as the temperature goes
down.  I received several responses to my post, including two with the same
problem, but no definite answer.  Amongst the responses and my own trials
many things had been tried.  The oxy sensor remained as one untried item and
it fit many of the symptoms as the possible culprit.  I replaced my oxy
sensor this past weekend and can report that the problem isn't as severe but
still exists.  It was very cold, 6F, this morning and the problem continued
in a small degree after 40 miles of highway driving.  It exhibited itself as
a dead spot in the accelerator when accelerating after a short period of
closed throttle deceleration.

My oxy sensor question:  The failure mode expected from the sensor was the
sensor heater.  I checked for continuity from the sensor black lead to
housing on the sensor I removed and found no continuity.  As a double check
I made the same measurement on the new sensor and also found no continuity.
What gives?  How does the heater work? Or, did I get a defective new sensor?

Charles: Sorry for not answering your problem but keep in touch.  There are
more of us searching for the source of this problem.  Someone will find it
and I trust will share it.

Larry from Loveland, CO
84 4ks two door sedan, 87 4kcsq, 87 5kcst

Original from Charles:

My mechanic is having a bit of a problem locating the source of a cold
weather (<40 Deg F) problem with my  '87 4kcsq with 100k+ miles. When
cold it starts ok, but shifting from 1st to 2nd then to 3rd it feels as
if its not getting gas (sputters). After its warmed all is fine. It's
like the fuel filter is clogging with some 'bad' gas. That of course has
been replaced.

Anyone have some ideas?

Chas Boehm '87 4kcsq

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