currency exchange woes

Pat tm2 at
Wed Jan 2 08:49:36 EST 2002

If you have a International Airport in your area they may have currency
counter.  They do at Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle.  You can exchange
your US dollars for other countries currencies.  Atleast they did a few
years ago.

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA

Mike Arman wrote:

> Currency exchange woes . . . it is MUCH easier to change a lot of currency
> X to currency Y - that's what I do. Contact me off-list if you have more
> than $15,000 of anything to convert to anything else.
> For really small amounts, you might try this - the Post Office has
> something known as an International Reply Coupon. Postal rates are pretty
> similar throughout the world, courtesy of the International Postal Union.
> IRCs are good anywhere on the planet.
> Ask your guy in Germany if he would accept equivalent value in postage -
> everyone uses the mail - so you could buy $10 worth of IRCs here, mail them
> to him, and he'd have EUR 12 in postage in his hand for the next mail he
> sends out. Not sure if these IRCS can be used domestically, but I do think
> they can be cashed . . .
> Best Regards,
> Mike Arman

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