4kq Smog Problems, ideas??

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Wed Jan 2 17:17:56 EST 2002

> Ok, my beater 4kq is having a hard time smogging, the HC topping out at 1900...Gross Polluter is 240ppm...
> Is  this likely a leaky exh. valve??  The car has brand new plugs, wires, dist cap/rotor, O2 sensor, and CO is dialed in.  Only raw fuel could cause these kinds of numbers, anyone have any BTDT??  It has a bad stumble at idle, but disappears at higher RPM, noting I can do will eliminate it.

correct CO means it is not running "too lean", but still produces a bit,
right?  So maybe one or more cylinders are running rich - whihc makes me
think, "injectors."  Try cleaning, swapping with spares, and if all else
fails, 5 new ones.

Huw Powell



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