4kq Smog Problems, ideas??

Brian Devlin bdevlin at stanford.edu
Wed Jan 2 15:53:43 EST 2002

>Ok, my beater 4kq is having a hard time smogging, the HC topping out
>at 1900...Gross Polluter is 240ppm...
>Is  this likely a leaky exh. valve??  The car has brand new plugs,
>wires, dist cap/rotor, O2 sensor, and CO is dialed in.  Only raw
>fuel could cause these kinds of numbers, anyone have any BTDT??  It
>has a bad stumble at idle, but disappears at higher RPM, noting I
>can do will eliminate it.

I had an old V8 (non Audi) that had a couple exhaust valve cracks
that you could see through, and it did not fail as badly as that. A
compression test would make it absolutely obvious if that was the
Huw's point about injectors is good, and the conditon of the plug
should show you which one. Otherwise I'd look at the ignition system.

>Anyone want to buy a parts car for $500??  ;)
Damn, I just sold my running, smog legal 4kq for $100. I guess it was
easier than parting it out.

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