'87 5kCSQ possible turbo seal failure?

Konstantin Bogach konstantin.bogach at morganstanley.com
Thu Jan 3 10:15:53 EST 2002

I rebuild my K-26. Cost of rebuild kit is ~$110 (cheapest I could find in US).  Except of risk to break a stud in hot side
housing it is not difficult job.  If you decide to do it ask for advise.  Interesting that replacing bearings which had 150Kmi
on them did not reduce lateral shaft play perceivably.  I think that you can not afford to buy a kit you can replace just seals
(4x$5=$20).  You will need to clean a shaft and replace hardware.
There may be a chance that seal housing is gone if there is a groove from seal in it.  In this case you need another turbo (or
just cartrage)
I got K-26 on junk yard for $35 (it is not that easy to remove it from an old car. I had to remove whole head with manifolds.)

Konstantin Bogach.
P.S. I am still working on my car so I did not try the turbo yet.

> > If it is the turbo seals is it
> > expensive to get them replaced, or am I better off looking for a K26 in
> > a junk yard. What are my best options. This turbo has 152K on it and
> > has never been off the car. All suggestions and BTDT's greatly
> > appreciated, at the moment money IS an object:-(
> >

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