front seat interchangeability?

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<< I would also like to know if someone has just changed out the
upolstery part
of the seats. Most drivers sides are shot, but the passenger sides are
good shape. A little time and some hog ring pliers looks like it might
this, but not sure if it will work. >>

I did this on my '87 5kcstq a few years back. I bought the skins from a
q-lister in Portland (didn't want to deal with shipping a whole seat).
Used the nice passenger side for my worn driver's side (now I need to do
the job again on my passenger's side but my driver's side I did still
looks great).

There is a hole cut in the side of the cushion portion for the power
seat controls. When moving passenger's side cushion to driver's side
you'll need to cut a new hole. The old hole is out of sight (hidden by
the driveshaft tunnel). Removing the seatback skin is a bit of a PITA
(getting those plastic trim parts around the headrest shafts proved
impossible...I worked the leather off around them). Also the trim at the
bottom that covers the bolt securing the seat back to cushion portion
tends to break off (but glues back okay ;-)...)

But, yes! It is very doable, and you can usually fix the seat heater at
the same time ;-) You can opt for hog ring pliers and hog rings. I used
heavy duty tie wraps and they have held up fine for several years for me
now though. Of course you may get lucky and find that right seat at
Pick-N-Pull (where they are all of like $20.00 or so).

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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