type 44 fogging no spring solution

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Fri Jan 4 07:06:46 EST 2002

Take the spring to a "real" hardware store (not the consumer lumber
company).  They'll have a large selection of extension springs and you
should be able to find a spring of similar stretchiness.  You may have to
cut it down a tad and use one of the coils as a new end piece.

At 10:58 PM 01/03/2002 -0600, don henry wrote:

>once again the spring on my recirculation fresh air
>flap of my 1990 200q has broken.
>a trip to my local dealer ended in frustration as the new parts man said the
>spring was no longer available from Audi.
>has anyone else encountered this? or is my dealer mistaken?  anyone got
>another solution?
>don henry
>1990 200q

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