The Chudzinski Files

Tom Ferretti TomFer at
Fri Jan 4 16:36:44 EST 2002

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Hey All,
I've been keeping up with the Chudzinski Files, obviously this guy has too =
much free time on his hands.  As annoying as this is to do, ignore the mess=
ages.  Provoking only allows him to maintain some importance to his insigni=
ficant little life.  If there is some serious help he can allow, so be it, =
if not, ignore him.
Despite the Chudzinski Files, I depend on this information to keep my car r=
unning, (Wellll, this and some help from the Audi Gods).  Thanks to all the=
 people who have responded to my questions.
Tom Ferretti
Tomfer at

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