Mr. Chudzinski starts the physical threats

Andrew Lundy fast928 at
Fri Jan 4 19:24:59 EST 2002

The worst part is he is pretty knowledgeable.  If you check the archives at
AudiWorld he actually used to be kind of helpful!!

To bad he quit taking his medication  :-)
Andrew Lundy
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> Brett,
> Lets take a collection together to fly him out here and then see how much
> trash he talks.
> Its quite obvious when someone resorts to threats, they are mad because
> arent getting the results they want from you.  In his case, your lack of
> acknowledgement of his opinions either of repairs or of you as a person.
> Personally, I can't stand people that have to resort to threats.  You dont
> see Phil and Scott J. threatning each other with beatings, yet they
> obviously are oil and water.  Basically, Mr. C needs to go back to
> kindergarden to learn how to play with other kids nicely.
> Rob

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