Q - Rally car in Canada?

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Sat Jan 5 10:07:59 EST 2002

At 9:43 PM -0700 1/4/02, Zsolt wrote:
>I am considering to get into rallying. I was thinking about the 4000
>series, but I'm not sure I can get enough power out of the 2.2 without
>turbo. There was no turbo version available was there?

Nope, but an MC is transplantable without too much fuss(Marc Swanson
is one guy who did this.)  People have also transplanted the other,
more powerful NA I-5s with even less fuss(Brendan did this, loves the
result, didn't spend a lot of dough, etc)  However, engine swaps mean
you're in a new class, and there are some pretty crazy modified cars
running around you'd have to compete against. You'd be surprised what
wins in the FWD classes etc(in the Maine forest rally, it was a
Integra once....not the first thing I would have thought of.)

>I think the 5000 series would be too big and heavy.

The 5000 was rallied a bit by Audi, actually; I don't -think- the V8q
was, it was a pavement beast only.  Surprised a lot of people.  A
well known/liked mechanic in the NY area who used to rally
professionally, Greg Haymann, rallies a 5000 and loves it.  I suspect
they're quite nimble when stripped down, but smooth/predictable etc.
Ever seen those little teeny fords?  Sneeze and the thing goes off
the road.  Not to mention, they look like sardines in those things,
that's got to be uncomfortable, with helmet and all.  In the 5k,
you've got room for the navigator to put his feet up, check his
email...an espresso machine in the back..."Hey, Bill, make me a latte
after the next turn, will you?"  "Dammit Bob, did you forget the milk
again?  Ah, here's an email from your wife, she says she picked some
up and will have it for us at the next stage."

>  A nice S2 would be nice, but in Canada they are not available.

I'm not sure if it was all cars of that particular body, but the
Coupe Quattro was very heavy for its size(the I-5 based 90 sedans
weighed less.)

>  If I get into a Ur quattro I am probably asking for trouble and and
>spend too much money.

Probably.  Parts availability might get to be a problem, among other things.

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