Mark Woodland markwoodland at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 5 22:22:25 EST 2002

Hello folks,
I finally got time to try to repeat the 5KTQ no-start scenario, so I could
try the diagnostic routine(s). After multiple warmups/shutdowns/restarts, I
decided to hazard a road test, and tempt the fates with a remote shutdown.
Big mistake, as far as I can tell.
At least I had the VOM, manuals, tools and flashlight along. At this point,
all signs point to the Hall sender in the distributor.
Inasmuch as I need to get this back on the road :
1. Could anyone be so kind as to supply a "span" of interchangable years for
an 87 5KTQ distributor, i.e. late '86 through '88?, 89"?
2. Does anyone have a usable distributor that they would consider selling?
I plan on extracting the hall sender unit from my kaput distributor and
pressing on till I've come up with a viable fix/replacement.
After the previous post, it seemed that there would be some group interest
in having someone volunteer to rebuild/repair distributor/hall senders.
It looks like I may end up as that resource. For the sake of argument, how
many of you would use such a service, if it were to come about?
All the best,
Mark Woodland

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