Big Red Bus rear-ended in Sheffield

Phil Payne quattro at
Sun Jan 6 12:09:56 EST 2002

Woman in a 22-year-old Ford Fiesta decided to end its useful life by
smearing it all over the back end of the Bus on Chesterfield Road in
Sheffield.  Since it had taken us almost half an hour to cover half a
mile (Bramall Lane football crowd leaving) I can't imagine how she got
the required speed up.

Fiesta is destroyed - pushed back a foot by the towbar and all lights
smashed by the Bus's bumper.  Both front fenders crumpled, engine
mount broken, radiator destroyed.

Damage to the Bus is superficial - bumper marks and paint scratches.
Pictures later.

Of course, she only has Third Party insurance and doesn't look the
sort that could afford even another 22-year-old Fiesta. let alone a
new car.  Wish me luck recovering my excess as an uninsured loss via
civil proceedings.

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