Bosch's Platinum +4 vs F6 DTC Plug

Brendan coolian at
Sun Jan 6 21:30:50 EST 2002

I used them (+4) for a year before my engine swap, where I continued on
with the 3 electrode copper things...I noticed no difference at all with
any of them..Had platinums in there before...No difference. Maybe I'm just
not that anal, or observant, but I never seemed to notice a difference.

At 06:37 PM 1/6/2002, Doug Hill wrote:
>I am using the plat +4's in my 4000 and have had them in since June (sorry
>no milage due the infamous audi odo breakage).  I could feel a little
>differance between them and the stock plugs after a tune-up. The big thing I
>did notice was that my idle was a little higher than before (any BTDT's) but
>no complaints thus far.
>Doug Hill
>87 4kcs quattro
>>I am due for spark plugs in 4k miles and I am considering Bosch's Platinum
>>Spark Plug.
>>Any experience with these good or bad? Any improvement over the F6DTC? Do
>>last longer than the F6DTC?
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