WRX vs 1.8TQ

Toycraft Motorsports toycraft at theriver.com
Sun Jan 6 19:45:53 EST 2002

>  Unless you think I'm just an Asian basher, 2 family
> members currently own them, and at about 60k they
> start falling apart.  Generally they make 100k, but no
> more without MAJOR rebuilding.
> Jim Accordino

No need to get too involved with this debate.......when you say Asian I
assume that includes Japanese vehicles......wanting to make sure you aren't
talking only Korean with which I have no personal experiences.   If you
include Japan too, my own Toyota pickup is now at 320,000 miles...it's a
1981 4wheeler.  Rebuilt the engine recently at 305,000 which was the first
time it had been apart......original head gasket, original timing chain etc.
Is this unusual?    No.........I have many friends and customers with
200,000..........250,000.....300,000 miles on their Toyotas and still going
strong.    I would personally be very disappointed if any Toyota I bought
didn't make well over 200,000 with no major problems..........if any.

just some thoughts from my little corner :)

John Gourley
Pomerene, AZ

89 Audi 80
82 Audi 5000 w/1989 NF engine
81 Toyota 4wd p/u

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