European Taillights for sale for 100, S4, S6, A6 sedans

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Yeah what he said, hehehe, thanks!

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> What is this adaptor?  They were pretty much plug-and-play on the A6 I
> attempted install on....I am a bit confused.
> Richard
> 1990 CQ 198K

The US version uses a dual filament bulb to provide a second parking
in combination with the turn signal in the outermost spot.  This is to
comply with the US regulation of having parking lights visible on the
of the car as well.  Therefore, when you use the euro tail light with
the US
bulb holder you end up with an amber parking light.  The Euro setup
this second parking light.  I just put a piece of electrical tape over
second contact of the US bulb holder.  No big deal.


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