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E Bavely veetesse at
Mon Jan 7 13:18:16 EST 2002

Hello all...

I've been reading along with the list and trying to follow the archives for
quite some time now, but finally subscribed so hopefully I can get
everyone's opinion instead of pestering different individuals (MSwanson,
MGough, Derek L, etc.)  I enjoy the list and find it to be a great help to

Anyway, just bought a red 86 4kcsq (from a quattro lister in Pa) after many
years in the vw camp (haven't taken down that tent just yet, however). The
eventual plan is doing the 5k turbo conversion...I'm enjoying the car
immensely but would like to tighten up the handling just a bit...

I'd like to do the H&R springs and Boge Turbo struts on it and while
shopping, I saw that Blau has an "updated" strut mount kit for the front of
the 4k that uses the later 90 model parts.  Supposedly, the kit is beefier
and further limits deflection in the front end.  Any BTDT on these parts? I=
this a worthwhile upgrade?  I thought I read somewhere about someone using
UrQ mounts as well in the 4k... Any thoughts?

Considering that I order the whole kit from Blau, I'd obviously want to
change it all at the same time.

Thanks in advance...

Elliott Bavely

86 4000CS Quattro
83 GTI- (under the knife for 16V transplant)
83 GTI FSP Racey car
90 Cabriolet

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