Round 3 of ANGRY Audi Gods

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Jan 7 15:21:49 EST 2002

If it leaks in at the top, tape some plastic over all the electric crap in
the armrest.  You KNOW the fools at the body shop will park it outside in
the rain/snow for three weeks while they wait for some replacement part.

At 02:16 PM 01/07/2002 -0500, Alexander van Gerbig wrote:

>     Well here we go again.  Seems like the van Gerbig's are getting a nasty
>taste of the wrath of the Audi gods.  First my 90q20v accident, which is now
>being repaired as we speak, $1000 on that one.  Then the allroad
>transmission fiasco, which is almost solved.  Now the final blow, the
>200q20v takes a digger into a rock about a 1/2 mile from home on any icy
>road.  Looks like a good $1500-2000+ worth of work thanks to solid ice and a
>conveniently placed rock on the front of someone's lawn.  At least I wasn't
>driving this time, phew!  Though I am taking care of all the paper work and
>such to alleviate stress on the mum.
>     As for the damage.  Right behind the driver's front wheel the side skirt
>it pushed in pretty far, the lower front most corner of the door is pushed
>in a little causing the door to not properly seal up at the top anymore.
>Door opens and closes, but if it snows or rains it's gonna make the driver
>wet on their left side.  Door sort of slants downwards at the rear.
>     Done all the insurance claims stuff, accident report, and so on.
>Tomorrow I'll take the poor guy over to the autobody shop for an estimate.
>On the bright side of things now all those dents on that side of the car can
>be fixed by the insurance company.  Who's to say those weren't from that
>little tree that is now smashed in a billion pieces by the side of the car.
>Now maybe the Audi Gods will let us be!
>Alexander van Gerbig -- '90 90q20v -- '88 80t (R.I.P)
>The Audi  80 Pages---------
>North Ferrisburg, VT 05473

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