4000 suspension / Boge's

Steve Sprague ssprague at nmgovlaw.com
Mon Jan 7 14:40:25 EST 2002


My buddy has Boge Turbo's and lowering springs on his rabbit and it handles
well. Stiff ride, but not too stiff. No problems with reliability, but the
rabbit GTI is a bunch lighter than a 4kq.

	I've had some experience with Bilstein Sports in my Rabbit and they rode
quite nice compared to the Koni Sports in my 16v Jetta.  Now the rabbit was
set up for racing DSP autocrosses so it was real tight.  Although you could
adjust the Koni's, I felt the Bilstein's were better for the car. And here
in Northern California, the road surfaces suck.

	I'd go the Bilstein's on my 4kq.

	Also, during my race days, some of the competitors did have issues with
Koni sport reliablity on their cars.  I never did hear of problems with

	I never got into Boge's because I was told, by my local performance shop,
they were way to soft.

My 0.02!


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>i would 2nd guess the use of boge's with the h+r's. i had several very
>nkowledgable people advise against that shock with lower springs as its
>characteristics are not as ideally suited to a lower spring as a koni or a
>as for the mounts, i have no 1st hand exp. though it was recc'd to me a few
>times when i had my 4k [by 2bennett and a local audi/vw guru]

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