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urq urq at
Tue Jan 8 06:31:01 EST 2002

> Are there any list members along the I75 route and in the Tallahassee
> area who would be willing to help in case of an emergency? Tools, place
> to work? Can anyone recommend a good and reasonable Audi mechanic in the
> same area? What about wrecking yards with spare parts for same.
> I also belong to the BMW owners group (the motorcycle group) . They
> publish a list of members all around the country who are willing to
> provide help to other riders in case of emergency. Is anyone interested
> in something similiar to that for our Audis. I would be willing to help
> anyone caught short in my area (Guelph, Ontario, Canada) who needs help
> and or spares for an '87 5kcdtq.

... funny, another BMW rider, eh?  Yes, I too like the idea of the anonymous
book.  We had something similar on the "audifans" (it wasn't called that
back then) years ago.  Concerns about release of public info made it a
web-based tool where one needed to know a password to gather info ... the
idea never really caught on.  The way things are nowadays I think it would
be even more difficult to revive today.

My suggestion to you is to simply make sure that you know how to get e-mail
access along your way, and should you find that you need help along the way
just post your emergency to the qlist.  Actually I just had a thought ...
perhaps Dan can set up an "emergency" list on the audifans server ... that
way messages from those in need might not get buried amongst the "A4 vs WRX"
drivel.  I know I would sub to such a list ... and if there is any qlister
who was in need of assistance in the area around San Jose, CA they should
feel welcome to drop me a line.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
'92 k1 (actually the newest vehicle I own!)

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