80/100 bulbs - high wattage bulb plugs

jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 8 08:59:41 EST 2002

i had 80/100's in my 5000 with 8/10 awg wiring and 4 relays [MASSIVE
overkill, anyone? =] and it melted the hell out of my plugs and one bulb.
like, liquid melted. didnt damage the light, fortunately.

i cut the plugs and just crimped on some connectors [bypassed the plugs -
10awg right to the bulb, figuring the plug was the problem] to hack it into
working  until i figure out a better solution. im considering a "heavy duty"
h4 plug from this company...

i asked their online help and they claim they DO have one for the 9004,
which is not listed on the site [not sure what bulb yours uses...]


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