[urq] Help - Replacing hydraulic tappets/lifters

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Wed Jan 9 00:18:23 EST 2002

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And here I thought I covered all the hidden bases. On a 20v 3B motor it is
possible (available in 1989 in EC - it's true Brett), but not recommended,
per my post.  Now Phil makes clear to us all that indeed Paul's car is a
10vt, er, thanks.   The you can't do the lifters without removing the cam
gear - per my comments on the 10v I5 cars in the same post.   You guys crack
me up worse than an overheated unsupported EM with a bad motor mount.

Next time, complete the redundancy guys.  If it's 10v car, then cam gear has
to come off to do lifters.


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> Heh, the 200q20v has never been available to the UK market....you
> read more thoroughly Phil's posts :)))

>>There's a first time for everything.  I live in hope.

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