Fuch center caps and (black) lug bolts?

Beatty, Robert BeattyR at ummhc.org
Wed Jan 9 14:44:33 EST 2002

Subject: Fuch center caps and (black) lug bolts?


Where can I find information on, and/or pictures of, and sources for, the
center caps that go in the middle of Fuchs, as well as the
better-looking-than-mine lug bolts that people use with them?

 I can reuse my stock lug bolts, but it looks like others are using some
different, better looking ones.  I could be wrong, and maybe they are normal
ones in good condition.




The plastic lug nut covers that are on the A4/A6/A8 work great for covering
up the ugly lug bolts.  Being plastic I'd assume you should be able to paint
them any color you want as well.  Not expensive at the dealer either.  I
think they are on the range of .75 cents to a buck each.

I have them on my 86 5ktq :)

86 5ktq
89 200tqa

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