Support Group

George Harris harchris at
Wed Jan 9 20:21:59 EST 2002

I would like to thanks all those who responded to my plea for support.
My wife and I are leaving Saturday a.m. real early. Most of the replies
I received were from people in the Cincinnati area so I'm still
uncovered for a good part of the way. Sadly no one replied from Florida
itself where I will be spending 2 weeks, and may need to do some work
before heading back.

I can work in the parking lot of the hotel with my own tools, but would
still like a source of used parts if possible. Any honest reliable
mechanics in the Tallahassee area, and or wrecking yards?

As for the 'Support List', it has to be telephone based. My computer
modem hookup won't reach from the middle of nowhere to the closest
internet hookup. Hopefully my cell phone will be useable.

I do appreciate those who have responded and will reply individually
after I go out and rip out the fuel pump from my donor car to carry as a
spare :-)


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