Valvoline max life oil.

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Wed Jan 9 19:38:24 EST 2002

Somehow I have a hard time understanding the issue of synthetics vs dino
when it comes to driving our 4kq's on a daily basis.
I have driven 3 of these beasts over the 200k mark and used either 10/30 or
20/50 with a regular change at 3000mi (w/ oem filter) and not a one of the
cars used more than 1/2 qt at that mark and in two of the cars not even
noticeable at 3000 mi.
Was I just lucky?
Just my $.02 and flame me if you want because maybe I am missing something
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From: Ben Lamberson <bender at>
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Date: Wednesday, January 09, 2002 7:20 PM
Subject: Valvoline max life oil.

>Just wondering if anybody has used this or recommends it. I have an '86
>4000csq with 174,000 miles. I'm currently using castrol syntec 5w-50.
>This is what the local dealer recommended. The previous owner was using
>mobil 1 full syn. not sure which weight but the one with the green cap.
>My car has been using about 1 qt every 600 miles. Will max life help? or
>is a different syn oil better? or different weight? I am in Wyoming so
>the car is going to see some very cold weather- does this effect the oil
>weight choice?
>Thanks for any advice.

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