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Phil Payne quattro at isham-research.com
Fri Jan 11 00:19:34 EST 2002

> Only early ur-q have the turbo/WG support? My 85 has
them. What years do not have them - 20vt models?

This is a bit contentious.

There are two exhaust support brackets found on 10V ur-quattros - 035
145 879 (AQS/85/2/53/25-00 item 12) and 035 145 880 (AQS/85/2/53/24-00
item 14 - misrepresented at AQS/85/2/53/25-00 item 13).

My experience is that almost if not all WRs have the latter support
fitted from the factory.  Many (most?) also have the former fitted -
cars with both are not uncommon at all.

Despite what ETKA and the microfiche say, no MBs were built with
either bracket.

I have no useful information about WXs or GVs.

Now - what does this mean?  The two-part manifold is blithely listed
for the Type 44 - yet we know it was never fitted at the factory -
it's only listed as a spare.  Also - ETKA AQS/85/2/53/24-00 shows a
part (item 7 - N 012 600 1 - a speed nut) that was certainly never
fitted at the factory - also only listed as a spare.

(As an aside - I routinely fit N 012 600 1 whenever I do a manifold

So what's the true status (from Audi's point of view) of the exhaust
manifold support brackets?  Both are listed in ETKA for the MB
engine - neither was actually fitted.  Should we interpret this as per
the two-part and  speed nut information, and conclude that Audi wants
us to fit them as spares even though (as with the two examples) we
know the factory never did?

Opinions, please ...

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