Hilicoil ate aluminum thread! Need help.

george mills gamills at ns.sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 11 12:23:55 EST 2002

Hi Konstantin,
Since Fred brought my name up (thanks Fred :), I did some checking and
indeed there are two values quoted in Bentley as far as I can tell. I
don't have a turbo so I just flip through those pages :) On page 17.7
it lists both ends of the oil feeder line fasteners as 25nm both on
turbo and oil filter bracket. On 21.6 it lists 25nm for the turbo
connector and 15nm for the oil filter bracket connector. So therein
may lie the problem.
  In any case, Konstantin, you already stripped out the threads so
this is probably a moot point :)
  Good luck,

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