'88 5KCSTQ

ScottyCBoy at aol.com ScottyCBoy at aol.com
Fri Jan 11 12:12:26 EST 2002

That seems a bit high for a car like that although the miles are low. For
that price I would expect a mint condition car. The following items are
subject to failure. The dollar signs denote cost to fix

Exhaust Manifold leak at the cylinder head   $$$$$$$
Door Handles  $
Window Regulators $$
A/C compressor $$$$
Power Steering and brake system  $$$$$$$
Leather seats ripping at the seams $$$$$$
Headliner $$

These are the most common ailments I've seen with the hundred or so 5000's
Tubos and quattro's I've looked at.

I wouldn't pay the price that the guy is asking unless these components have
been fixed or replaced or checked within the past couple of years.

When checking the window regulators listen for any unusual sounds when
rolling the window up and down. Check to make sure that the window rolls up
and down at a constant speed.

Door handles usually work or they don't

A/C system
Check compressor for noise. If it is noisy it will be going south soon. If it
leaks a rebuilt on cost abour 300-400 bucks.

Exhaust manifold.. Check for the inevitable tick tick at startup and high

Brake system.
Make sure that the brake light dosen't come on and that all of the sensors
are connected. Check pump and rack for leaks. A rebuilt rack is about 200
bucks and a pump is about that much as well. The bomb costs 170 or so.


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