K26 turbo ending in 703L, question?!?!

Sheffield Corey shefs_audi at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 11 15:19:23 EST 2002

Hi fellow Audinauts,

A quick question for the list. A week or so ago I lost a seal in my
turbo one night and became an instant "mosquito fogger" or destroyer
laying a smoke screen. I called Chris at Force 5 and he had a turbo
that he pulled and sent me. It spins REAL nice:-) My question is: the
Russian "Family Album" shows the proper K26 for the 200Q '86-'88 as
having a serial number ending in 702L. The only reference I can find
for a 703 is the '89-'91 RR engined UrQ and SportQ using a 703A. Are
these all pretty much generic equals, or is this K26 ending in 703L
something interesting?? An inquiring mind wants to know:-)

Happy motoring and have a great weekend all,


Sheffield Corey
Wickford, Rhode Island U.S.A.
'87 5KCSTQ
'87 XL600R
'66 Corvette Coupe
Quattro: The way to GO! when conditions say: "NO!!!"
But as a wise fellow once said: "4x0=2x0".

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