'88 5KCSTQ, Worth the hassle?

Craig Lebakken lebakken at cdicadwa.com
Sun Jan 13 17:07:15 EST 2002

Hi Larry,

The response to Spencer's post was partly out of humor and
partly out of practical......uhhhhhh.........can't think of
the word. A silly post to this forum deserved a silly answer
I guess. (Drive a Toyota...sheesh.....great cars, yes, but
eight or less hours of sleep is enough for me thank you....)
The 44 is a supreme car, and for those who are motivated and
mechanically inclined, a supreme value. I guess I kind of
sunk my own ship there eh?

The archives in this forum pretty much outline the quirks of
this car. That is a good thing, because it has saved many
44s from the junqueyard. It is a better thing in that it
makes a formidable car somewhat practical. I have a feeling
that, in ten or so years, the true engineering achievements
that the 44 (Audi in general, for that matter) put forth
into autodom will be recognized. My only hope is that this

My first drive in an Audi, at 18, when my best friend's Dad
threw me the keys to a brand new 1981 5000 Turbo thrills me
to this day. Having grown up on VW's, that car was a Rolls
Royce and a Ferrari at the same time. I cannot remember when
the original 5000 was voted "Car of the Year", but it
deserved it. That car was SO far ahead of the GMFORD
conglomerate that they have not caught up to this day. It is
sad that in 10 - 20 years there will be no USA classics. The
classic car shows of tomorrow will be limited to foreign,
and those who can twist their frames hydraulically by 20
degrees or more. YUK.

You are right though in warning Spencer in the possible
problems in owning an old Audi. It is not for the masses
(lemmings). And, as a mechanical engineer who has driven
Audi/VW/Porsche exclusively, I admit, my opinion is somewhat

But I would buy a 44 over 75% of the new cars out there
(cost weighting acknowledged).

Pulse: ooooh. 75. Better cut down on the salt.



PS: Your remark to buy the right car when the time is right
is right on the mark.

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> TRUST me! For the unintitiated, the type 44 can be quite
an intimidating
> and expensive proposition if it's not right. The 4KQ (such
as you own) is
> no where NEAR as complicated a car, and doesn't have the
same issues
> (BTDT, both ways). The 100 Spencer speaks of sounds like a
rather iffy
> proposition. He certainly should approach THAT particular
car with
> caution, if not totally run away. This is not to suggest
he should give
> up on looking for an Audi, there certainly are many good
and interesting
> examples out there, and there is no reason he should
settle for a
> Toyaurusabu either, unless he is in an absolute hurry
(i.e. NEED) to get
> a car right now. If he has the time, he should search for
a more suitable
> example of an Audi. Cajoling him into taking this
particular car is not
> helpful if it turns out to be problematic, and may even
sour him on any
> future Audi's.
> Remember, they are just (very nice and fun) cars, not a
symbol of manhood
> (or womanhood for that matter) or anything.
> Buy the right car when the time is right...
> LL - NY
> On Sat, 12 Jan 2002 14:45:38 -0800 "Craig Lebakken"
> <lebakken at cdicadwa.com> writes:
> >Baker, Spencer @ Pittsburgh wrote:
> >
> >"Should I just get a Toyota and never have any fun behind
> >the wheel?"

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