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Alexander van Gerbig Audi_80 at
Sun Jan 13 22:14:01 EST 2002

    Just wondering about some things that maybe some knowledgeable person
and/or a lawyer would know...

When there is an accident and a person accepts payment after accident for
damages to property/vehicle does this null out any claims he/she may try to
file later?

Under VT law a person must file an accident report within 72 hours after an
accident that involves $1000 or more of damage to their property.  If
someone doesn't file this report do they have any leg to stand on when
dealing with the State?

    That fellow I had my boom boom with called tonight and wants more money
over the $800 we both settled on the night of the accident.  I told him to
contact me with a bill when it was all said and done, and I might discuss
helping out more, my mistake it seems.

    It's an '87 Lebaron worth $1200 and he wants a total of $1400 claiming
the accident caused over $4000 worth of damage.  I played a little hardball
on this one over the phone and didn't just cut him a check like I did the
night of the accident.  This fellow immediately cashed my check, 2 days
after the accident, without getting any estimate.  He didn't file an
accident report, he didn't contact the police, he didn't give me his
insurance information, and so on.  He is claiming it was a hit and run now
and he has talked to two state policeman who are "friends" and they said
what he told them it qualified as a hit and run.  Too bad they didn't advise
him to file an accident report too heh?

    I may just give a ring to a lawyer and ask for some advice tomorrow.
Personally I see it in the light that he accepted payment, did not get the
police involved, did not file an accident report, and so on seems to waive
his right to file anything against me, plus he has no corroboration, his
word against mine with no evidence other than the damage to his car which
for all intensive purposes could have been caused by himself.  He wants me
to pay over the value of the car as well.  Am I off base here?

My life is just chock full of joy lately!


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