Dave Hord spokes at
Tue Jan 15 19:18:07 EST 2002


_assuming_ that you want music in your car...any stereo system is better then
NO stereo system :-)

I was quite impressed with my 90q stereo system until two things happened:

1) My music tastes changed from accoustic rock to heavier stuff...

2) And one of the high school kids blew out the rear speakers.

Thus, I went for an upgrade.

As for the dual antenna setup.  One the antennas is for FM only, the other
picks up AM and FM.  As I recall, I played with this for a bit...The stereo
works with just one antenna...but I couldn't tell you what antenna in the car
was better...and which imput in the deck to use.

Keep in mind reception isn't great.  Local stations in my downtown area and
greater...but not as far as I used to get.


As a side note...seing as a lot of people seem to be in on this thread...stereo
speakers that are 10 years old are sure to have been used for more of they're
useful life.  I suspect most are dried out by now...not the best of sound you
can get.

But again...any stereo is better then no stereo...

Quoting "Dupree, Jim" <dupree at>:

> What is the collective opinion of the sound system in the 1988 90 q?
> Since I have an 1988 90q parts car w/ stereo and speakers and an 1985
> 4kq
> that has no stereo or speakers I am in the process of transplanting the
> stereo, speakers and wiring from the 90 into the 4k. One of my concerns
> is
> the dual antenna's the 90 used but my recollection is that the stereo
> used
> the strongest signal from the 2 antenna's. So if I only connect one of
> them
> then it should only try to use it.
> Thanks
> Jim Dupree
> 1984 4ksq
> 1985 4ksq

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