SF Gate: Freak fire traps man inside Audi/Battery failure a possible cause

Beatty, Robert BeattyR at ummhc.org
Tue Jan 15 07:50:43 EST 2002

Actually it would Huw,  IF the hole was in part of the circuit for the other
doors NOT the drivers side door.  I have experienced it myself playing
around with the locking system, HOWEVER its only for 90 seconds,  after
that, he probably paniced as you said.


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> Actually just spoke with dad about this on the phone.  If the fire was
> the battery or battery compartment, the power door lock motor is located
> RIGHT next to the battery.  Any holes melted into the lines or pump casing
> allowing a leak into the locking system would have the pump contiuously
> trying to lock the doors.

uh, um, no... you're saying that he said that if the vacuum system gets
"cut open" the pump will come on and not shut off, which it won't do -
and even if it did, with a leak in the vac. system, it wouldn't prevent
unlocking anyway!

I think the victim in this case was panicked and then quickly engulfed
in flames, and did not really have a chance to get tot he door lock
before it was almost too late.  By the time the rescuers tried the door
pin it was wrecked by heat.  Just glad the guy lived!

Sounds like *someone* forgot to put the "+" terminal protector back on
that battery at some point in its life.

Huw Powell



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