Euro 90q20v Sport Bumpers Pics

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Wed Jan 16 01:14:49 EST 2002

Ok, not my last post..yet  =)

> I have no idea what the DOT ratings are,

5mph, like I mentioned before.  If it was sold in the US during the 80's or newer, it HAD to be 5mph minimum.

>but I DO know that DOT ratings are
> inferior to the E-soecs - like in headlights - and this from someone who has
> had both (I grew up in Denmark). European lighting is *FAR* superior on
> autos to the DOT approved lighting.

Right, but those are headlights...we're talking about bumpers.  I don't necessarily think that just because E-code lamps are eons better than DOT headlights that it can be generalized across the board.

> I just like to see cars in the apparel they were meant to wear, and the
> "boxing match" was just an attempt to flush out >opposing opinions - or
> reasons why not to switch. IMHO the arguements for >DOT bumpers were very insignificant for my purposes.

Its all releative, if you want protection up to 5mph, the DOT is the way to go, otherwise there is no denying that a 2mph bumper is more prone to damage, and thus a compromise. I don't see anyway around that.  In the same way, my 40 series tires don't afford the rim protection that the stock 60 series did, but I *personally* feel that its a compromise I am willing to accept.

> In this country, we have millions of unqualified >drivers. It cost me nearly
> $3,000.00 to obtain my driver's license in Denmark, >due to the rigorous....Obtaining a driver's licence in >this country is a joke, and that's why the
> bumpers need the extra absorption!...

Ok, this is a whole other discussion, don't know how relevant it is here considering the facts in how the bumpers are rated.  The requirement in the US is 3mph more stringent, that's about it.

> Schucks, really? How about an off-list "boxing >match"? I do enjoy exchanging
> opposing views on things I believe strongly in, as >long as it is done in a civil manner. Hope you have >found my responses so far - if not humorous -
> then at least civil...?!

Well, its the taunting that I don't necessarily find very inviting, no biggie.  Seems like you are bringing in some "emotion" into this topic that I don't necessarily think should be there.  In the last year, the DOT bumpers probably saved me over $500 (in the bumper bender I posted earlier, no way an E-code bumper would have survived that.  So there's your testimony  =)


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