SF Gate: Freak fire traps man inside Audi...

Aleksander Mierzwa alexaudi at kki.net.pl
Wed Jan 16 12:03:29 EST 2002

At 18:42 02-01-15 -0500, Larry C Leung wrote:

>The way to break windows is to use a sharp heavy implement to shatter a
>few molecules which gets the glass to go POP! Unfortunately a shoe or
>fist doesn't qualify, the force is spread out too much (i.e. not enough
>pressure) to get the glass to break. I guess for safety, I'll have to
>keep my rock hammer inside the car instead of in the trunk. I wonder if I
>can get one with either:

During one of the rallies Carlos Sainz's Toyota broke down a couple
hundreds meters before finish. He got out of the car so angry he took off
his helmet and broke the rear window with it.

Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland

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