debadged 4kq

Stephen Bigelow sbigelow at
Wed Jan 16 09:15:31 EST 2002

> What is the best way to remove the adhesive left behind after I
> debadged my 4kq? I tried water, and soap and water, and neither
> seemed very effective. I would experiment, but I dont want to damage
> the paint on the car. TIA.

I de-striped a recent auto addition to the fleet (91 cavalier) that had a
monstrous "swirl of toothpaste" band down the side. A trip to a bodyshop
supply store resulted in a rubber wheel that mounts on a drill motor.

*Amazingly* effective, and absolutely no paint damage. I'll never fear
buying a striped car again.

Worked like a pencil eraser. About twenty bones up here.


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