Replace IM bolts with studs?

Phil Payne quattro at
Wed Jan 16 16:49:44 EST 2002

> I may take my 86 5ktqcs to a shop and let them fix my ticking EM.
They seem
> to be very familiar with the 10vt.  He said that he likes to replace
> bolts with studs, thereby reducing possibility of stripping the
threads when
> inserting the IM bolts.  He says that he installs studs to reduce
> issue.  He mentioned that he may have a hard time
installing/removing the IM
> in the future.  I am thinking that the bolt holes could be enlarged
to aid
> in removing/installing.
> What do you think?

Find a shop that knows how to use a torque wrench.  The mind boggles
that this guy has 'experience' - that means he's screwed up other cars
as well.

Inlet manifold screws are tightened to 25 Nm (18 lb ft).  They cannot
strip at this torque.

With proper tools ( see ) it
takes 15 minutes to remove an inlet manifold - absolute tops.

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