A4 quattro brake problem..

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed Jan 16 14:30:43 EST 2002

How old is this car?  Has the brake fluid been flushed out?  My bet would
be if you disassembled the caliper you'd find some corrosion in the
cylinder or on the piston that occasionally doesn't let the brake pad push
the piston back in enough to release totally from the rotor.  My first
guess would be the master cylinder, but if it released on rough braking,
that makes me suspect the corrosion.

At 08:04 AM 01/16/2002 -0500, Kris Hansen wrote:

>Good morning all,
>I have a problem with the driver's front brake, the caliper doesn't seem to
>want to let go of the rotor. I took the caliper off, cleaned the guide pins,
>retracted the piston (which didn't take any unusual force with the bleeder
>cracked slightly) put it all back together again, and it still sticks. Has
>anyone had an ABS pump unit go bad, where it wouldn't back flow fluid? My
>initial thought was caliper, but I am now thinking because of the relative
>ease with which the piston pushed in that the actual caliper is not the
>problem. The pedal feels fine, though on the second push, it is firmer than
>on the first. The only thing I did not do was crack the bleeder with the
>caliper stuck, to see if it would release (and spew fluid out, I guess
>indicating a blockage upstream?). This is scheduled for this evening.
>An interesting note, on the drive home, before I noticed that the brake was
>sticking, the car pulled heavily under braking. I gave it some very hard
>stops, and it stopped pulling. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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