87 5KCS More Hard Starting

Steve Sherman spsherm at attglobal.net
Wed Jan 16 21:42:17 EST 2002

I've followed the thread on the hard starting and wanted to add a new
twist to it from what I am seeing on my 87 5K.

In warm weather, I need to crank for 10 sec or so.  Once started runs
great, til cold again.  Injection cleaner does not seem to make a
difference.  Usually in real old temsp (0F)  it will start up with
little cranking, although today it took alot of cranking to turn it over
at 10F.  Yes strange, but it is usually better in cold weather.  One
mechanic suggested that I might need a new multi-temp sensor, as it
might not be getting a cold engine signal for the extra injector. I was
just about to replace that multi-temp sensor (on the bottom of the water
nipple) when I read the recent thread on cold starting, which said that
it was a separate temp sensor on the block that gives the cold start

Now I am confused, which is it (or is it both)?  Is anyone positive on


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