Long Trips in Old Audis

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Thu Jan 17 09:11:37 EST 2002

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> Has anyone else experienced that - sleeping with open eyes while driving?
>  Yeah, yeah, I know, all the sly remarks about how most people appear to be
>  asleep if one was to judge from their driving skill, but I mean really -
>  actually fall asleep due to fatigue while driving, but still having your
>  eyes send messages to the brain to the extent that you could still make
>  appropriate steering inputs, and "wake up" just in time to avoid an
>  accident...?

My brother-in-law is a long haul truck driver and he recalled an instance 
when he drove a very long stretch with absolutely no recollection. The other 
drivers in his vicinity told him that he made all the normal moves, such as 
signaling and shifting. 


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