Shine Racing Service, Walpole, MA... ever heard of them?

JShadzi at JShadzi at
Thu Jan 17 14:35:25 EST 2002

I'd recommend them, they have built a good reputation in the VW market at tuning and building good autocross cars, they have  a lot of experience, definitely check them out.

> > I've just stumbled across a shop called Shine Racing Service in
> > Walpole, MA, and they claim to be an Audi/VW shop... anyone ever heard
> > of them?
> Yes, I've heard of them.  I've never used them before but I have heard their 
> name on the rally circuit before and I think they have built at least one 
> list member's engine.  I can't remember who it was but I believe it was a 
> 10vt with custom pistons, rods, etc.
> Later
> -Marc-
> 87 4ktq
> 88 90q

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