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Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 21 06:25:58 EST 2002


  I have a question a few weeks ago or so I bought an
90 200tqa but it needed a power steering pump which
the seller had allready gotten and was installing
 when I went to pay him for the car at his house he
was replacing the pump and I noticed that he was using
Pentison 7.1 not the 11s I mentioned some thing at the
time but really did'nt think anything about it till
yesterday I was looking at Scott's web page and
noticed that they saie you can't mix or use the older
in the newer but then I read that it was ok to mix.
Which is correct I don't need a problem in a few
months with a leaky rack or better yet a leaky rack
and power steering pump any BTDT out there?
Thanks Ron
87 5ksq(original owner)223k euros,fuchs,eibach
prokit,boge turbogas all round,strut bar,power leather
sport seat conversion from manual grey cloth
90 200tqa 202k

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