Can't turn off AC: off, econ and bi-lev buttons do not work

Joshua Van Tol josh at
Wed Jan 23 07:59:55 EST 2002

>On Tue, 22 Jan 2002 19:13:51 -0500, you wrote:
>>I turned on AC in auto mode and was not able to turn it off.  Econ,
>>bi-lev and off buttons did not work.  All the rest worked.
>>In couple hours everything returned to normal.  What is the possible
>>reason?  I could not find anything about it in archives.
>I have the same problem in my V8, the "Cooler", "Econ", "Defrost" and
>"Bi-Lev" don't work, but "Warmer", "Auto", "Outside Temp", "Off" and
>the fan controls usually work.. I don't know what it is.

Both of these problems sound like a potential crack on the circuit
board or a connector problem. Often, to save micro pins, keypads are
multiplexed in a grid, so the failure of just one line to the micro
can take out several buttons. If you were to open up the case of the
climate control, and trace out the circuitry, you'd probably find a
cracked board, corroded connector, etc.

Joshua Van Tol -- josh at

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